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Dr. Josette Y. Biyo: Epitome of a Woman of Substance and a Purpose-Driven Life

by Rebekkah M. Alawi It was a scene evocative of a sensei-disciple dialogue, exemplifying the ancient tutelary tradition. A small group of teachers, mostly science teachers, gathered around this lady of substance to listen, in rapt attention, to helpful tips for success in one’s chosen career. Mention of her name was greeted with an audible …

DOST-SEI Bangon Marawi Awards Scholarship Grants to College Students and Science Faculty at MOU Signing Event

Year 2018 started with favorable portents of the shape of things to come for 221 student grantees and 15 science faculty recipients of scholarships under the DOST-SEI Bangon Marawi Program in Science and Technology Human Resource Development (STHRD). DOST Secretary Fortunato T. de la Pena and SEI Director Josette Y. Biyo came for the Memorandum …